These hot and cold packs are a great tool to have on hand.

  • stiff shoulders 
  • back and neck pain
  • relieve growing pains (kids love them)
  • warm your bed
  • sooth your tummy
  • chill your injuries
  • keep you cool
  • ease sore hips
  • Channel Design Allows for Even Distribution 
  • Heavy Duty Fabric
  • Excellent Heat Retention
  • Long Lasting Durability
  • Flaxseed Filling Allows for Better Contour
  • Custom Packs upon Request
  • Filling is certified organic and bought locally


Versatile and durable:


The flexibility of the fleece and the flaxseed allows for easy contour and draping. When heated flaxseed produces a slight bit of moisture giving you a more penetrating heat.  When chilled the fleece is still cozy and flexible while cooling to the area.




The ten channel cotton design gives you more coverage across your back or other areas. The cotton material makes a great cold pack allowing the cold to transfer better and still durable and stout, ready for daily use.

The cotton pack was originally designed for a client's horses. She was wanting a more durable material and larger size, than the fleece, to use in the barn.  Now, the cotton pack is a favorite among many for people and animals alike. 


General Warning and Uses

Caution when heating. Follow instructions included with your pack. Never heat on metal racks in microwaves!



Heat Pack/Cold Pack Care & Instructions

Freezer/ Cold Pack Instruction

  • Place in a bag before putting in the freezer. Freeze for at least two hours before using.
  • Do not place in freezer if warm.
  • This will give you a nice cool pack but will not chill you like ice will. 

Microwave/ Heat Pack Instructions

(This pertains to standard heat packs. Smaller heat packs will take less time to warm. Make sure to read the instructions that come with each pack.) 

  • Use good judgement for better care and the longevity of your pack. 
  • Make sure the microwave is clean!
  • Food debris can cause it to become smelly and burn.
  • Microwaves vary in power.
  • Never place heat packs on metal racks! Some Microwave have this option. 
  • Rotating and stationary microwaves may require different heating techniques.
  • Stationary microwaves will require shorter heating segments with more refolding to heat without burning.
  • Roll or fold pack to fit into the microwave. Heat for two minutes, then check the temperature. 
  • For additional heating use increments of thirty seconds. Refold and redistribute the flax each time and do not exceed a total of three minute on initial heating. 

 Caution! Your pack will be Hot and slightly moist!



Reheating Instructions

(This pertains to standard heat packs. Smaller heat packs will take less time to warm. Make sure to read the instructions that come with each pack.) 

  • Caution when reheating. 
  • It does not take as much time to reheat the pack. 
  • Do not reheat for more then one minute and no sooner then thirty minutes between reheats
  • Make sure your pack has cooled before reheating.
  • Shake up your pack, the flax may be hotter at the ends!
  • The last 3 inches on each side is the most common place hot spots occur. 
  • The pack and the ingredients inside can catch fire and melt or burn. 


  • Improper heating can cause heat pack malfunction and/or personal harm .
  • Heating in the microwave creates moisture. 
  • Laying on the moist heat pack can cause burning to the skin if it is too hot. 
  • Do not use if you are allergic to the ingredients.
  • Do not wash or get wet. 
  • The ingredients can mold if left moist.


  • Do not store in container or bag if still warm.
  • Keep in safe place as big and little creatures like to eat them.