Shoulder Packs are reversible made with flannel on one side and cotton canvas on the other or flannel on both sides.  Both fabrics are great for your hot and cold options. The weight of the pack is nicely balanced for comfort and easy with moving around. Just having the pack on your shoulders is calming all on its own. Order yours today! You will find your fabric options below with the ten channel packs. 

This is a great shoulder pack! Conforms nicely around your shoulders helping with those daily should aches and pains. Hot or cold this pack will help! Look under ten channel flannel for your fabric options.

Cotton Canvas


  • More coverage across your back or other areas.

  • Quality cotton material is durable and stout, ready for daily use.

  • As a hot pack, use it to ease your back, legs or knees. 

  • Great for tummy discomfort and digestion

  • Children’s growing pains 

  • Keep it in the freeze so it is ready for any injury or hot flash

  • Decreasing muscle inflammation

  • Post surgery swelling, sprains and strains