My goal is to share with you something you will want to use time and time again.

Attention to Detail 

I keep a very simple design while maximizing what I put into my products. I use only 100% organic ingredients to fill the packs, which are bought locally here in Eugene.
These hot/cold packs are versatile and therapeutic for what ever your ailment or discomfort. 

Style & Quality

It has taken many years but I am finally satisfied with the present designs: three different channel sizes in fleece: 4, 5, and 7 channel. Each of the fleece are roughly 30" long (though some fabrics do vary) and depending on the channel they range from 5" to 9" wide.
In cotton canvas I make a ten channel  and a ten channel XL. Each of these packs are 21" long x 13" wide. The XL are 25" long. I also do some XW,  meaning they will have more channels to them.
New this year is a cotton flannel ten channel pack. These are so soft and cuddly you will love using it! These packs are  19" long and 13" wide.

As always I have a new pack design in the works and I can't wait for you to try it out.

The inner seams are double sewn for extra strength to safeguard against the twisting and rolling on the packs during heating and regular use. I fill my flax packs with organic, food grade, materials because I want to offer the best and cleanest product I can to my customers.

My goal is to give you something you love and want to use time and time again.



(not the fabrics)

I personally sew and fill each of the packs. It takes about 45 minutes to an hour per pack. My goal is to give you a product that you will want to use and that will last.

This is an example 7 channel pack


Massage Therapy

Karissa Mendive LMT

Massage Therapy For Women

My goal is to create a safe and comfortable environment for my clients. Massage sessions are designed around your present needs and preferences. Whether you are looking for deep body work, injury management, or relaxing massage, you have my full dedication every time.

About me:

I have always had a desire to help those around me. 

I attended massage school in Eugene, Oregon, and received my license in 2003. My specialty is Myofascial work with a combination of deep tissue and Swedish massage. I find these techniques give great results for current and chronic issues. Working one on one with my clients and helping them improve the dysfunction in their bodies is an amazing opportunity.

I also work as a dental assistant. My background in the dental field has allowed me to assist clients with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems.  The combination of TMJ massage with head and neck massage have provided great improvement for many of my clients.

Continued education is a must  in both of my fields to stay current with the best practices and procedures for my clients.

I look forward to meeting you or your referral.

Thank you,

Karissa Mendive LMT

OBML #10172